Few flu cases so far in Westport schools but nurses urge caution

Few flu cases so far in Westport schools but nurses urge caution


The flu epidemic that is sweeping the nation has spared Westport schools so far but school nurses are urging parents and students to be vigilant.

Meanwhile Westport town nurse Kathleen Burns reported last Thursday that she had run out of flu vaccine for the time being. As of Tuesday, a Board of Health spokesman said the office is still without the vaccine.

Tracy Pereira, nurse leader for Westport schools, said Thursday afternoon that absenteeism in Westport schools is “about normal for this time of year.” She added that the school nurses have not needed to send students home with flu-like systems so far.

She said that she had heard that the town nurse had run out of vaccine but Ms. Pereira said she checked with six doctors in the area and all had flu vaccine available. She urged anyone who could to get the shot — “It’s not too late.”

As of Tuesday, the CVS on State Road in Westport reported that it had flu vaccine available.

Students have only been back from vacation for a short while though and things could change.

Ms. Pereira said she was sending a message home to families with flu-prevention recommendations.

As usual, she said, parents are asked not to send students to school if they have a fever or less than 24 hours after a fever clears. And students are hearing repeatedly about the need to wash their hands and avoid coughing on others.