Barrington pre-teen targeted for nude Facebook pics

Barrington pre-teen targeted for nude Facebook pics


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Barrington police are investigating a recent incident where a man reportedly sent pictures of himself naked to a 12-year-old Barrington girl.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said the victim and her mother stopped at the station on Tuesday, Sept. 10, to file a complaint. The woman told a detective that her daughter opened a Facebook account two years ago and had been accepting all “friend requests” sent to her.

Recently, someone — police are still working to identify the suspect — sent the girl four images of himself naked. The victim’s mother quickly moved to “block” the person who sent the pictures from continued communications with her daughter.

Now police have started the task of tracking down the suspect. Chief LaCross said the process was made a bit more difficult when the individual was blocked; the images were eliminated from the girl’s Facebook account.

The chief added that parents must keep a close eye on their children’s online activities.

“It’s up to the parents to be monitoring this,” he said. “This girl has had the account for two years. She was friending anyone who requested it.”

Chief LaCross said parents are welcome to call the police department detectives to receive advice about online issues or report inappropriate activity on the Web. The detectives can be reached at 437-3937.


  1. Awesome parenting skills to allow a 10 year old to open a FB account and not know what is happening on it, on a daily basis. What else has happened in the past 2 years that you do not know about? This child was not being protected or taught safe internet usage. I am surprised the parent bothered to go to the police, taking into account the style they choose to parent in. Thanks to God that this young girl was not hurt, taken, or worse by the pedophile. This situation would have never happened if the parent(s) were doing their job.