Egozoo Games launches Dots Ball for iOS

An test of dexterity hits the App Store for iOS gamers as Egozoo Games introduces Dots Ball. Available on the App Store now, Dots Balls is a very challenging game of non-stop action where you must successfully traverse a variety of worlds by tilting and twisting your iOS device and having your character jump from dot to dot.
“Across the spectrum of iOS games that require you to use your device as a controller, Dots Ball is on the higher end of the challenge scale and requires a deft touch and excellent coordination,” said Egor Belenkov, founder of Egozoo Games.  “It’s a very addictive game as you try to top your latest score, but we have included a variety of power-ups to help you do so.”
To be a Dots Ball champ, the secret is all in the wrist as the length of jump depends on how you tilt the device..  As you jump for dot to dot and progress up the screen, you’ll begin to lose energy so it is critical that you collect all the Energy Dots you can. 
But lack of energy isn’t the only thing to look out for as Angry Dots and a variety of obstacles are dedicated to stopping your progress.  Hitting the Gold Dots earns you coins so you can purchase power-ups and upgrades that will help you overcome the hurdles.
Egozoo Games’ Dots Ball will be available for download on the App Store this Thursday, March 14 for $0.99.


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