East Providence youngster seeks adoptive home

East Providence youngster seeks adoptive home


Cameron can be very quiet, but don’t let that fool you! This 17-year-old has a quick wit and a great sense of humor. Although he may be reserved when you first meet him, Cameron will soon be cracking jokes and sneaking sly smiles.

Cameron is an intelligent young man, and his favorite subject in school is Science. One of Cameron’s greatest strengths is his artistic talent. He enjoys creating and working with his hands. Cameron is a self-taught Origami artist, and he is incredibly talented. His other interests include soccer, football, skateboarding and video games – especially Tony Hawk.

Cameron describes himself as someone who likes to be outdoors. He is a great swimmer and enjoys spending time at the beach. He is naturally athletic, and can run extremely fast. Cameron is also always up for an adventure, whether it be rock climbing, hiking, bike riding, or going to amusement parks. He would like an active and fun family with a good sense of humor.
Cameron has had many disappointments in his life, and he is in need of a family who will offer him what every child deserves – love, attention, support and understanding. He is legally free for adoption and hoping to become part of a family soon. Cameron is open to any type of family, especially one that allows him to have a television in his room!
Cameron is looking for an adoptive family in East Providence. He attends school in East Providence, has made many friends in the area and calls the town “home.” If you live in East Providence, and feel you can open your heart to a great kid like Cameron, please call Adoption Rhode Island at 865-6000 or email at [email protected]