East Providence Police officers union issues no confidence vote against Chief Tavares

East Providence Police officers union issues no confidence vote against Chief Tavares


EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence Police union, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 569, has submitted a vote of no confidence on the status of Chief Joseph Tavares to City Manager Peter Graczykowski, the latter confirmed Thursday, July 11.

The announcement of the vote came on the heels of a report issued by the Rhode Island State Police earlier July 11. The State Police, at the behest of the East Providence Budget Commission, investigated charges made against city officials in regards to Mr. Graczykowski’s decision to place Chief Tavares on a leave of absence back in April of this year.

The State Police found no probable cause of any criminal wrong doing on the part of Mr. Graczykowski or City Councilors Chrissy Rossi and Thomas Rose for their roles in the matter. The two Council members were named specifically in the report. The State Police also found there to be no criminal misconduct on the part of members of the East Providence Police Department, a counter-charge made by Chief Tavares.

The submission, in the form of a letter, from the IBPO Local 569 came from and was signed by union president EPPD Detective Corporal Kevin Feeney.

The letter, dated June 12, 2013, read, “I am submitting this letter to inform you that a recent vote of ‘No Confidence’ was taken by the members of IBPO local 569 in the job performance of Police Chief Joseph Tavares.

“The vote consisted of a ballot style vote and over 80% of the membership participated. Of the ballots that were cast, there were zero votes of confidence in the Chiefs job performance.”


  1. According to this article the vote was taken almost a month ago and was just reported today. The city manager and his cronies are stage managing the flow of information in order to justify their own prejudices and attempt to manipulate the situation to justify their own bad behavior. The state police could not prove criminal wrong doing because Rossi and Rose wouldn’t talk. And now the manager release month old information on the heels of the state police report (of not being able to prove a criminal case) to further support his reckless and self serving actions.

    It is clear that Rossi, Rose and Graczykowski will use any means necessary to force their will on the city. They don’t care who gets hurt in the process as long as they and their friends benefit.

  2. The big question that no one seemed to answer is Why did the city manager place the police chief on administrative leave? If the corrupt city manager and two corrrupt council people cooperated would the outcome have been different in a court of law?
    The vote of no confidence was taken while the chief was out on leave and at the time the corrupt officers did not have the votes they needed. It appears that they need to do a ballot vote….so the corruption continues.
    There is that fine line of officers who are true to the oath and not part of the corruption.