East Providence Police investigate two violent overnight incidents

East Providence Police investigate two violent overnight incidents


EAST PROVIDENCE —Two Riverside men were stabbed in one incident early Sunday morning, Nov. 25, and in a separate incident Saturday evening, Nov. 24, another man was arrested on an alleged gun charge as East Providence Police detectives were kept worryingly busy over the weekend.

The Providence Journal is reporting two brothers, said to be in their late teens and early 20s, each received numerous wounds after being attacked by an unknown assailant in the wee hours of Sunday morning as they were walking on Crescent View Avenue.

The victims were not identified. They were taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. The investigation is ongoing.

Police arrested Justin Thomas, 25, for his involvement in an attempted robbery of the Domino’s Pizza parlor on Pawtucket Avenue Saturday evening.

Mr. Thomas is alleged to have attempted to rob the establishment at gunpoint. As officers intervened, Mr. Thomas attempted to escape by commandeering a police vehicle.

Mr. Thomas was taken into custody and charged with a number of felony counts.