East Providence Police investigate Summit Street shooting

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EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence Police Department is investigating the first gun-related incident of the new year, an overnight shooting at a Summit Street home in the center of the city Sunday, Jan. 6.eppd web logo

According to EPPD Officer on Duty Lieutenant Raymond Blinn, a drive-by shooting took place in the wee hours Sunday at approximately 2:45 a.m. Five or six bullets were fired into a single-family house at 134 Summit St. No one was injured, according to Lt. Blinn.

Witnesses reported the shots came from a dark-colored car. The bullets did not appear to penetrate the interior of the home, but a number of shell casings were found nearby. The EPPD Bureau of Criminal Investigation Unit was back at the house mid-morning Sunday to process the rest of the scene and procure anymore ballistic evidence, according to Lt. Blinn.

Police declined to release the name of the property owner or residents.


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