East Providence Police continue search for gunman

East Providence Police continue search for gunman

Tokens of remembrance were left in front of "Krazy Kuts," site of Yusef A'Vant's murder Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014.

EAST PROVIDENCE — The day after a man was shot and killed in a city hair salon, the East Providence Police remain in search of the assailant or assailants involved in the homicide.

EPPD Detective Captain Richard Frazier is spearheading the investigation. He said Thursday morning, Aug. 14, the quest to find the perpetrator or perpetrators in the shooting death of 42-year-old Yusef Avant, a barber and owner/operator of the shop, was in full motion.

Capt. Frazier declined to specify the number of shooters involved in the case, saying “we’re still working on that.”

He also declined to give a description of the alleged gunman or gunmen, nor would he confirm any details about how the suspects fled the scene. Witnesses claim a lone shooter entered the Krazy Kuts location at 2402 Pawtucket Ave. mid-afternoon Wednesday, Aug. 13., fired shots that killed Mr. Avant, then left the area in a car.

“We’re working some good leads. Hopefully we’ll have some good news soon. I think we’re looking in the right direction,” Capt. Frazier said.

Mr. Avant had run his barber shop/salon for roughly 10 years. He lived in the apartment adjacent to the Pawtucket Avenue location. He leaves a 13-year-old son.