East Providence Police chief’s attorney delivers another response to City Manager’s recent...

East Providence Police chief’s attorney delivers another response to City Manager’s recent statements


EAST PROVIDENCE — In what is quickly turning into a very public and almost daily tete-a-tete, Attorney Thomas McAndrew attempted to trump a recent statement issued by City Manager Peter Graczykowski in regard to the employment status of East Providence Police Chief Joseph Tavares with an 11-page packet of correspondence of his own.

The attorney and the manager have engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue privately and through the press for the last several days since the Rhode Island State Police issued a report July 11 on the findings of an investigation into alleged misconduct in the recent attempt to put Chief Tavares on administrative leave if not outright remove him from his position.

Mr. McAndrew, the Providence lawyer representing the chief who has a history of winning employment cases against the city, skewered Mr. Graczykowski for a July 16 statement he penned in a letter sent to the manager dated July 17.

Among the many direct comments made to Mr. Graczykowski, Mr. McAndrew wrote, “Your conduct has, and continues to, undermine the Chief and his effectiveness and, further, you have expressly and impliedly disparaged him in a manner which is inconsistent with the numerous accomplishments in his career. It is apparent to me that we will soon find ourselves in litigation in an appropriate forum if this unrelenting course of conduct continues.”

The 11-page packet provided to eastbayri.com and The Post by Mr. McAndrew also includes correspondence between the City Manager and the Chief as well a statement presented by the latter to uniformed and civilian personnel of the EPPD.

While not containing a specific date, in his statement to the employees of the department Chief Tavares seemed adamant in his decision to remain on the job despite the “no confidence” taken by the EPPD union, IBPO Local 569, and alleged pressure from members of the City Council.

The Chief’s letter concluded, “Lastly, my motivation for taking on these difficult challenges is so that many of you may never have to deal with these issues in the future. It is my hope that fairness and excellence will prevail. I ask that you assist me in making this goal a reality. My office door has always been and will continue to be open for further conversation.”

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  1. Thank you Chief Tavares for being one of East Providence finest police chiefs. A lot of residents are behind you.
    Officers take an oath to uphold the laws, there are good men and women on the force that do, and you have those that do not and disgrace not only the uniform, but also the police department.
    Not to march in the Memorial Day Parade in honor of the veteran’s is not only a disgrace to the police force, but to every veteran who fought in wars past and present. Those officers should pubically apologize to all veterans and the citizens of this city.
    Officer Parella, are the taxpayers on the hook for those new white shirts you purchased for the officers to wear in the parade and didn’t? It’s time for you to think about retirement along with Officer Feeney and a few other corrupt officers. The city needs to replace the corrupt ones with new ones with no ties who will uphold the laws and stand with their police chief.