East Providence Police Chief reiterates insistence he did not request State Police presence

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EAST PROVIDENCE — During a second phone interview later Monday, Aug. 26, East Providence Police Chief Joseph Tavares expounded on his initial insistence he did not request an increased State Police presence in the city.

“It should be made quite clear. I did not call the State Police and ask them to come in,” Chief Tavares said, following up similar comments he made earlier in the day.

“It is a ridiculous accusation to ever think to bring in the State Police for motivational activities. It’s the farthest thing from the truth,” he continued. “I would never think of doing such a thing. These are the unfortunate accusations of someone with an agenda against me. They’re unfounded and untruthful.”

Chief Tavares said he initially became aware of what was possibly an increased State Police presence in the city on Friday, Aug. 23. In a meeting with his staff, he for the first time said he told them he wasn’t aware of why the state authorities were in East Providence and denied it was he who called for the State Police to be here.

“I would never even think of doing something like that,” Chief Tavares said. “To me, those making these accusations are doing so in bad faith and it’s bad for the department.”

The Chief said he was taking the extraordinary step of making a second public comment on the matter so as to clear up any false assumptions they may have created.

“I can’t and won’t speak to every allegation made against me. If I did, I would not be able to do my job,” Chief Tavares added. “But in this instance I felt it necessary because this is an attempt to undermine me and this department.”


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