East Providence Police arrest Pawtucket man in Chelo’s burglary

East Providence Police arrest Pawtucket man in Chelo’s burglary

EPPD photo: Chelo's breaking-and-entering suspect Paul Rogers.

EAST PROVIDENCE — A suspect in a case of breaking-and-entering at a city eatery was arrested Monday, July 28, after East Providence and Pawtucket Police officers executed a warrant issued earlier that same morning.

EPPD Detective Captain Richard Frazier said Paul Rogers, 58, of 82 Bacon St., Pawtucket, is being charged with felony breaking-and-entering of the Chelo’s Restaurant located at 45 Newport Ave. in East Providence on June 22.

According to Capt. Frazier, Mr. Rogers is alleged to have thrown a rock through a double-pane window of the building at approximately 4 a.m. He entered the restaurant, setting off the security alarm and motion sensors. Capt. Frazier said police believe Mr. Rogers was startled and exited the building without any money, but he did take two bottles of vodka.

While processing the evidence at the scene, Capt. Frazier said detectives lifted a fingerprint from inside the glass window. It was sent to the crime lab, returning a match to Mr. Rogers, whom Capt. Frazier described as a “career criminal” with numerous arrests in Florida, especially.

East Providence and Pawtucket Police executed the warrant Monday. Mr. Rogers was processed in Pawtucket and returned to the East Providence headquarters where he is currently being held prior to his arraignment.