East Providence parking technically in effect to midnight

eppd snow sign

EAST PROVIDENCE — The parking ban initiated in city Friday, Feb. 8, in anticipation of Winter Storm Nemo technically remains in effect to midnight tonight, though the East Providence Police Department isn’t to enforce it unless it hinders clean-up measures by the Public Works Department.

EPPD Major Christopher Parella relayed the information to The Post at about 5 p.m. Monday night. The ban will officially be lifted as of 12:01 Tuesday morning, Feb. 12.

Public Works continues to plow city streets, attempting to catch up on the remnants of snow the two-foot blizzard left behind. National Grid is also out in small pockets of the city, rebooting houses that lost electricity during the event. As of 5 o’clock Monday, Grid reported 49 customers were still without power in East Providence.


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