East Providence Middle School Athletics Boosters seek members


EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence Middle Schools Athletics Booster Club is seeking members to help support its cause of reviving sports programs at Riverside and Martin.

The Boosters is an organization designed to support middle school student-athletes and is working as a community effort to both restore sports and improve the quality of the programs.

Those wishing to join the group can fill out and print the following form and return it to the appropriate address or visit the EPMSAB website, www.epmsboosters.org, for more information.

What Athletics Means to Our Students
“[Competitive] Cheerleading has taught me honesty, responsibility and generosity; it has also taught me respect and perseverance.”
“My team is like my family”
– Jaina, RMS
“Track has taught me confidence, strength & perseverance; without sports kids won’t have a lot to do after school”
“Track is my future; please don’t take that away from me”
– Mya, MMS

How You Can Make a Difference
1. Become a Booster:
Annual membership is only $10

2. Donate
Help us financially sustain and improve these programs.

3. Volunteer
Whether helping us do fundraisers or joining our volunteer staff

Quick Membership Form
Name: _________________________
Address: ___________________________
Phone #: _____-_____-________
E-Mail: ________________________
Membership is only $10 a year, payable online or by mail.
Quick Membership Form
Name: _________________________
Address: ___________________________
Phone #: _____-_____-________
E-Mail: ________________________
Membership is only $10 a year, payable online or by mail.

What Athletics Does For Our Students
& Community

1. Middle School athletics provide a strong training & feeder program for the High School level.
2. Sports provide an outlet for physical activity, helping reduce the rate of childhood obesity and obesity related illnesses.
3. Sports provide an outlet to reduce delinquency.
4. Student-Athletes learn values and life-lessons, including teamwork, cooperation and leadership.
5. Sports give kids a sense of purpose and a feeling of being part of a greater school community.

Contact Us

Mail: P.O. Box 14487
East Providence, RI, 02914

Phone: 401-400-1680

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: www.epmsboosters.org

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