East Providence Zoning Office issues a second desist notice for latest Pond...

East Providence Zoning Office issues a second desist notice for latest Pond View venture


EAST PROVIDENCE — The City of East Providence through Zoning officer Edward Pimentel has issued a second cease and desist notice to Kenlin Properties, LLC over continued operations at the controversial Pond View recycling plant located at 1 Dexter Road.

Mr. Pimentel’s office formally submitted the second variance violation on March 18, some six weeks after initially citing the owners of the property. The first notice, according to the latest document, went without a response from Kenlin.

The second violation letter read in part, “The purpose for the violation was to inform you that this office had verified the presence of signage advertising a business at the above-referenced property – said signage being introduced without the benefit of a building permit.

“Furthermore, the referenced signage, in addition to an advertisement in the 30-31 January 2013, edition of the East Providence Post, acknowledged presence of an operation engaged in the purchase of various metals and appliances. This office is not aware of the referenced business seeking a Certificate of Zoning to evidence the appropriateness of said business.

“Should said business be already in operation, you are hereby directed to immediately cease all actions and remove all materials and equipment associated
with said business.”

In addition to the second notice of operation violations, the Zoning Department issued another notice the property owners at 9 Dexter Road, Power Test Realty Company, Ltd., last week about a sign for the Pond View business having been illegally posted at that location.

The sign was deemed in violation of the Waterfront Zoning Regulations because it was off-site for the business it was advertising.