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East Providence House 65 primary results remain same following reread

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Mike Rego

Candidate Tim Chapman observes the proceedings during the reread of his primary results by the Rhode Island State Board of Elections Monday, Sept. 17.

PROVIDENCE — Gregg Amore, in fact, will be the Democratic nominee for the General Assembly District 65 seat come November after the State Board of Elections conducted a review of the results in his primary race against Tim Chapman and Jim Miller Monday morning, Sept. 17.

Mr. Chapman, as was his right under election rules, asked for the review of the results, which had Mr. Amore winning by 61 votes. Following a reread of four polling precinct machine cartridges and the full refeed of those votes cast at the Riverside Library last Tuesday night, there was no change in the totals.

Mr. Amore, like he did at the conclusion of the primary election, received 845 votes. Mr. Chapman was second with 784. Mr. Miller was third in the three-way race with 460.

“I just want to congratulate Gregg on winning a very tight, good race. I wish him the best in November,” Mr. Chapman said when Monday’s proceedings had concluded. “I also want to thank all my supporters and my family for their help during this tough campaign.”

Mike Rego

Board of Elections staff member Bob Raposa shows a ballot to attorney Sue Pegden, Gregg Amore’s legal representative at Monday’s proceedings.

Concerns about possible voting irregularities slightly marred East Providence’s primary election. There were charges of Republican-affiliated voters mistakenly being given Democratic ballots. There were also complaints about confusion and congestion at some of the polling places.

Later in the evening, a mishap in the Canvassing Department caused the computer cartridge with the results from the Riverside Library voting machine to be erased, which was the reason all 407 ballots at the precinct numbered 1014 had to be manually placed back through machine Monday morning.

East Providence Canvassing Department head Leslie Shattuck-Moore and Pam Calise, a member of the Board of Elections staff, handled the refeed. Bob Raposa, coordinator of elections for the board, oversaw Monday’s refeed and reread. City Canvassing Board chairman Tom Riley was also in attendance.

Of the original votes cast at Riverside, only seven were pulled for review. As they were to end the primary, three were not counted and two apiece were credited to Mr. Amore and Mr. Miller.

Mike Rego

East Providence Canvassing Department head Leslie Shattuck-Moore (center) and Board of Elections staff member Pam Calise refeed the ballots from the District 65 Riverside Library precinct.

Each of the candidates involved in Monday’s proceedings were allowed to have representation. Mr. Chapman’s team was led by attorney Fred Marzilli, Mr. Amore’s by attorney Sue Pegden.

A quorum of the State Board of Elections certified the results, led by chairman Frank J. Rego. Susan L. Farmer, William E. West and Florence G. Gormley were the other board members present.

“This was all an educational process for me. It was an interesting and fulfilling experience,” Mr. Chapman added. “Again, I just want to thank everybody who supported me during this campaign, especially my family and all those who worked for me. I also want to again wish Gregg the best and congratulate him on a close, well-fought victory.”

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