East Providence Fire Department snuffs out smoking-related incident at Goldsmith Manor


EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence Fire Department snuffed out a minor blaze late Wednesday night, Jan. 2, at Goldsmith Manor, the high rise building operated by the city housing authority for elderly and disabled tenants.bScxJ1wZwwMKhdrakz3HN1lCumxZRM-9cEaPl-p6gw0

Acting EPFD Chief Oscar Elmasian, who reported the fire at about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday evening, termed the event to be a “smoking-related incident.” Some two dozen residents were temporarily evacuated from the building. The incident took place on the 10th floor, the top floor of the structure, at approximately 10 p.m.

Acting Chief Elmasian said a female resident dropped a lit cigarette in the cushions of a futon coach/bed, which ignited the fire. No one was injured. The only damage in the apartment was to the piece of furniture.

The woman was unable to remain in her apartment, which was expected to be prepared for her return some time Thursday. The rest of the residents were able to re-enter their homes Wednesday once firefighters brought the situation under control.



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