East Providence delays Wednesday trash collection

mega-trash truck

EAST PROVIDENCE — The  East  Providence  Public  Works  Department, Recycling/Refuse  Division has announced  a collection  time  delay  for  Wednesday,  Jan. 22.

Due  to  the  current  winter  storm  conditions  which  are  expected to continue  through  the  evening  hours  and  Wednesday,  residents scheduled  to have  rubbish  collection are asked to please wait until the morning morning to put your barrels out to the curb.  Collectors  will  not  start  to  pick  up  rubbish  until  8 a.m. This  will  give residents time to get barrels set out to the curb in the morning.

For more information please contact the Dept. of Public Works/Recycling office at or 435.7710.


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