East Providence City Manager offers statement on State Police presence in the...

East Providence City Manager offers statement on State Police presence in the city


EAST PROVIDENCE — City Manager Peter Graczykowski offered up his first official comment about the recent State Police presence in East Providence. Mr. Graczykowski did so in a text message exchange Sunday morning, Aug. 25.

“I have inquired about the additional State Police presence in East Providence with the East Providence Police Chief Tavares, who responded that he had no official knowledge of it or requested such enforcement,” Mr. Graczykowski wrote.

“I have also been in contact with the Superintendent of State Police Col. O”Donnell, who would not comment further at this time, however, I have a scheduled meeting with him this Monday so that I can receive an explanation as to why and on whose request RISP is operating in the local jurisdiction at unusually high level,” he continued. “As the City Manager and Public Safety Director, I continue to have full confidence in the officers of the East Providence Police Department who can perform all required law enforcement functions in East Providence without outside assistance.”


  1. Poor performance mixed with bad judgement and actions on the city managers part could call for drastic measures.
    Say good bye Graczykowski………

  2. Unnamed sources, facebook posts, and text messages from the City Manager. This is the way information flows in EP. At least next week we can go back to the more efficient and trustworthy means of passing notes during class. “I heard that Peter doesn’t like Joey and told him that he can’t play at recess, but Jimmy told Joey that he could play so now Chrissy and Tommy are mad at Jimmy because Joey told the teacher that they cheated.” Is there any leadership in this city?