East Providence Assessor’s office sends out valuation notices

East Providence Assessor’s office sends out valuation notices


EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence Assessor’s office, in a press release,  announced the re-valuation process has started for property owners in the city with the issuance of notices, beginning on Friday, March 22.

The new valuations are a result of the 2012 revaluation conducted by Vision Government Services Inc. of Northboro, Mass. The notice will list the old assessment as of 12-31-2009 and the new 12-31-2012 assessment. Tax Assessor Steven Hazard stated that values have on average decreased between 10 and 15 percent depending on property type.

Taxpayers may schedule an informal hearing to review their property data, contest their valuation, or review sales by calling 1- 888-844-4300. Property information is also available on the web at vgsi.com. Taxpayers have until April 5  to call for an appointment. Appointments will be held at Breed Hall, 610 Waterman Ave., next to the Senior Center .

Taxpayers who are unable to schedule a hearing may address their concerns in writing to the Assessor’s office no later than April 12, 2013.  Appointments will be scheduled between 10am and 6:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.

During the informal hearing phase taxpayers need not hire appraisers or lawyers and are welcome to present information including recent bank appraisals. Taxpayers will still have the right to the normal formal appeal process and may apply with the Assessor’s office  between June 1 and October 1.

Property owners should not use the new valuations with the old tax rates. New rates will be set in May following the completion of the revaluation and certification to the state.  The notices are at full value and do not include any exemptions. Exemptions will be applied prior to billing.