East Providence asks for residents to assist in drain, hydrant clean-up


EAST PROVIDENCE — City officials have asked residents, if at all possible, to assist in removing snow from storm drains and fire hydrants over the next few days.

East Providence Fire Department and Public Works issued the request as the city continues to dig out from the near two feet of snow dumped in the area by Winter Storm Nemo over the weekend.

Said East Providence Emergency Management Agency Director Wayne Barnes, “For fire safety, please make sure that hydrants in your area are accessible . Temperatures are expected to be up in the 40s, and there will be a lot of snow melt. Huge puddles are inevitable. If at all possible, storm drains should be opened up to the street, even a little bit, to aid in snow melt drainage and hopefully knock down some of the puddles.”


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One Comment;

  1. Tammy Tewksbury said:

    Why do pay taxes.. Sould I follow all state emplyees into to bathroom whip there asses and give them coffee..What are the drivers doing.police..fire deptment// not to mention all the state workers who could chose the day off!! Stick a shovel in there hands!! You ask us to bail you out only to raise our taxes..Get swrewed by the electric company’s.. Really this state sucks!!

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