East Bay Newspapers accepting statements from candidates

East Bay Newspapers accepting statements from candidates


East Bay  Newspapers will be publishing written statements from political candidates throughout the 2014 campaign season. Each candidate for local office will be allowed to print one statement per week, free of charge, in an effort to better inform voters prior to Election Day.

We hope candidates use their space (up to 200 words per week) to talk to voters about the issues, not about themselves. We encourage candidates to state a clear opinion; propose a concrete idea; critique or praise public policy or decisions; outline differences between candidates; respond to another candidate’s criticism; or make any other statement deemed acceptable in the judgment of the editor.

We will not allow statements that are biographical in nature. This is not the forum to tell voters about how many times someone has been board chairman or how many charities they support.

It should also be noted that we will not edit the statements prior to publication. We will print statements exactly as submitted by the candidate. Also, we do not intend to publish the statements online. They will be available only in the published newspaper. The deadline is Friday at noon for the following week’s publication.

Barrington candidates can email statements to editor Josh Bickford at [email protected]

Bristol candidates to editor Patrick Luce at: [email protected]

East Providence candidates to editor Mike Rego at: [email protected]

Portsmouth candidates to editor Jim McGaw at: [email protected]

Tiverton, Little Compton and Westport candidates to editor Bruce Burdett at [email protected]

Warren candidates to editor Ted Hayes at [email protected]