Don’t let those pipes freeze


frozen_pipesThe worst of the cold is on us, but frozen water pipes will always be a problem when the temperature dips into the frigid range. What to do?
If you have un-insulated water pipes, officials at the Bristol County Water Authority recommend several steps:
* Seal all openings where cold air may get to the pipes. Check for open basement windows and unheated spaces. Don’t set your thermostat below 55 if it’s expected to get very cold.
* Insulate water pipes from cold moving air and keep them dry. Find the main water shut off in case you need it, as leaks usually occur once the pipe starts thawing out.
* Use either heater tapes wrapped around the pipes or a heated reflector lamp in dry enclosed spaces where pipes could get cold.
* If un-insulated pipes are exposed to an outside wall, let the water flow constantly (at a minimal stream) in your faucets during cold weather. The flowing water will prevent freezing in the line.
*Leave cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms open to allow warm air to circulate around your pipes.