Doherty is the candidate with integrity

To the editor,
Sadly, DEMOCRATS UNITED seems to be a more important concept than voting for the candidate that may actually make positive changes with the coming elections.
David Cicilline is running again for U.S. Representative, remember — he ran in the last election fast — from the financial mess of the City of Providence.
I met David Cicilline in Rumford during the last election. I informed him of a serious environmental issue in our neighborhood, which he knew nothing about, but was interrested in learning about it, and promised his help if he won and asked for “MY VOTE”.
I met with David Cicilline after he won, and I was armed with tons of paperwork to which David replied “you should not have to do all this work, that is why you elected me”. After our meeting I left Cicilline with the research I had been working on, with his promise to help.
Not once did Congressman Cicilline further communicate, or assist in any way. Basically David Cicilline lied to my face just to get “MY VOTE.”
Do we need to return David Cicilline to Congress, someone who makes false promises just to get a vote?
It’s time for change, I will be voting for a man with integrity Brendan Doherty!
Jo-Ann Durfee
East Providence

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