Dog with dementia goes missing. Owners have broken bones and broken hearts.

Dylan the cocker spaniel is missing in Bristol.

Dylan the cocker spaniel is missing in Bristol.

An 11-year-old cocker spaniel suffering from dementia is missing in Bristol. Last seen five days ago in the Ferry Road/Mount Hope Bridge area, “Dylan” is a copper-colored spaniel with long ears and a sweet face and disposition.

In recent months Dylan has become disoriented, even when navigating within the family home. His owners, the Delaney family, have attempted to keep him inside or on a leash as his condition worsened, but last Sunday evening he got out the back door and ran off. He has not been seen since. Owner Carroll Delaney attempted to run after his pet and slipped on black ice, breaking his ankle on several places. Mr. Delaney spent two nights in the hospital and had surgery to set the bone and implant a metal plate.

In an additional twist of fate, Mr. Delaney’s wife dropped a glass tabletop on her foot three days ago, causing serious injury including breaking her toe. Because the Delaneys are laid up at home, they are unable to search for their confused yet beloved family pet.

“We love this dog with all our hearts – he is full of love and has such a wonderful soul. I am praying that some kind person finds him and cares for him until he can be reunited with his family,” said Mr. Delaney. “We are immensely grateful to anyone who might be taking care of Dylan, and so appreciative of anyone who can assist in returning him.”

Anyone with any information about Dylan may contact the Delaneys at 401-253-1559.



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