Disoriented Barrington teen draws police response

Disoriented Barrington teen draws police response


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Barrington police responded to a 911 call on Friday night, May 23, for a teenager who appeared extremely disoriented, staggering down the bike path near the Barrington Shopping Center.

Three teenagers approached the police officers once they arrived at the shopping center; the teenagers pointed out the boy in question and said he had been acting “weird.” Officers saw the boy — a 15 year-old Barrington resident — staggering down the path, holding his arms out for balance. They also noticed another boy who darted into the woods behind the Shaw’s Supermarket.

Officers placed the disoriented boy in the back of a cruiser. The boy offered his first name, but not his last, and then told officers he had just tried marijuana for the first time.

Officers radioed for a rescue. The boy was placed in the back of an ambulance and fell asleep while being evaluated by EMTs. Then he vomited. The EMTs shuttled him over to the hospital for further treatment.

Police contacted school officials, who were able to identify the individual. Officers then responded to the boy’s parents’ home and notified them of the situation.