‘Disgruntled’ Barrington employee stops by town manager’s home

‘Disgruntled’ Barrington employee stops by town manager’s home


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The town manager in Barrington had to call police twice last week while dealing with a disgruntled former town employee.

On Thursday, April 17, Barrington Town Manager Peter DeAngelis called the police at 3:42 p.m. after the recently-terminated employee reportedly stopped by the town hall and was harassing workers there about back-pay that he thought he was owed. Police would not specify which department the man had worked for.

Officers arrived at the town hall and said there was no incident with the individual.

But on Saturday, April 19, the former employee allegedly stopped by the town manager’s home in Barrington. Mr. DeAngelis told police he had been working in his yard when the unnamed individual stopped by his home; police said the former employee does not live near the town manager.

Officers responded to the scene, but the suspect had already left. Police later issued the man a warning to not stop by the town manager’s home again.