Diggers open Water Street in $2 million Warren sewer job

water st2

After years of planning, it’s finally here. Crews from CB Utility Co. in Bristol this week started cutting into sections of Water Street as they prepare to replace a series of old sewer lines that for years have been an environmental thorn in Warren’s side. The work will cost $2 million and is being paid with federal, state and local funds, and it will take some time to complete — months, anyway. This week, DPW crews blocked off Water Street by Broad Street, and also put up barricades preventing drivers from heading west on Campbell Street from Main Street. The workers will ultimately replace large sections of pipes that for years have been leaking effluent close to the Warren Town Beach. Though it’s not thought to be the only cause, the old pipes are considered to be one of the main culprits in the eColi bacteria problem that is often found at the beach after periods of heavy rain.


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