Portsmouth cove wreck attacks Kidd again

Portsmouth cove wreck attacks Kidd again


Donald Kidd and a Pirate Cove Marina employee leave the wreck after towing a large piece back there that had broken off overnight. Tom Dalglish photo.
PORTSMOUTH — That derelict cabin cruiser in Portsmouth’s Blue Bill Cove has attacked Donald Kidd for a second week in a row.

Last week, the wreck’s cabin top blew off and wound up wedging itself between Mr. Kidd’s dock on the cove and his brand new power yacht, leaving damage to both.

Monday night this week, the entire cabin truck and radar mount broke loose and again found their way to Mr.  Kidd’s Point Road dock, again cutting into both dock and boat.

With a boat from his nearby Pirate Cove Marina he managed to tow the 18-foot long by 10-foot wide piece back to the ‘mother ship” and tie it up there.

Earlier that day Mr. Kidd had met with Town Council members to express his and others’ exasperation with the wreck that sand in mid-cove over a year ago. The council will take the matter up on October 22.