Cove claims another victim

Cove claims another victim

The sunken fishing boat's cabin top is visible just above the surface last week.

The sunken fishing boat’s cabin top is visible just above the surface last week.
A lobster boat has become the latest boat to sink at its mooring in Portsmouth’s Blue Bill Cove. A boat described as a lobster boat, about 35 feet long, went to the bottom last Thursday. Only the boat’s cabin top remained visible above the surface.

A witness said that a man had been on the boat the day before and could be seen running pumps. He added that the boat had been moored there for a number of months.

There was breezy weather last week but no waves close to big enough to have caused a boat that size to go down.

This boat is several hundred yards west of the large cabin cruiser that sank during Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. That boat is still there although pieces of it continue to break off and float ashore.

On Monday, the Town Council voted to seek bids on an emergency basis to remove the cabin cruiser. Police Chief Lance Hebert, Cove resident Don Kidd, and James Seveney were among those who called the boat a safety hazard and said it must go.