Contractor claims mystery sack of Portsmouth cash

Contractor claims mystery sack of Portsmouth cash


PORTSMOUTH — That bag of cash found on Sunday, Aug. 26, by a passerby on McCorrie Lane has an owner.

Portsmouth Police Lt. Brian Peters said Thursday evening that a contractor from Columbia, Conn., called to inquire about the cash and was able to correctly describe the bag (a pouch with a zipper) as well as the cash amount — $4,000.

The man told police that he had been doing a job at a house on McCorrie Lane and that when he finished, he left with the cash bag and his briefcase in the bed of his pickup truck. He had forgotten to close the pickup’s gate and when he arrived at his Massachusetts destination, discovered that the cash bag had fallen out.

“He was trying to retrace his steps,” Lt. Peters said, and that led him back to Portsmouth.

The contractor “was very thankful to the good Samaritan who found the money and turned it in to police,” Lt. Peters said. The money was all there.

Both the man who found the money and the contractor have asked police that they not be identified.