Construction work delays Warren Town Beach opening

Construction work delays Warren Town Beach opening


warren_beach_2Summer will start late this year at the Warren Town Beach.

The beach is usually open and staffed for the first time on Memorial Day weekend. But delays in work in the area will push the opening back until early to mid-June.

“The construction is not complete down there yet,” Warren Town Manager Thomas Gordon said Thursday. “It wouldn’t be safe to have it open yet.”

Crews from CB Utility and the town have been in the area for months, working on a $2.5 million drainage project and a $700,000 sewer project at the treatment plant.

Though both projects are still under budget, changes had to be made to the sidewalks adjacent to Burr’s Hill, causing a slowdown in work.

When the project was first designed years ago, the curbs and sidewalks were laid out to comply with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) regulations that were in place at the time. Since then, ADA regulations have changed and the differences weren’t discovered until the work was begun.

“We had to kind of redesign things,” Mr. Gordon said.

Over the next few weeks, workers will drop in curbstones, lay sidewalks on the east (Burrs Hill) side of Water Street, and mill Water Street as far north as Jannitto Field. Once that’s done, the whole section will be repaved.

The final portion of the work will be to re-pave the Burrs Hill parking lot. Mr. Gordon said it will be laid out in the same configuration it’s always had.

Residents in the area will likely have to deal with road closures on lower Water Street for the duration of the work, though he said workers will try to keep them to a minimum.

“We’re trying to get it done as soon as possible,” said Mr. Gordon. “It’s going to look very nice.”