Computer virus attacks Barrington Police Department system

Computer virus attacks Barrington Police Department system


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An e-mail corrupted with a virus repeatedly attacked the computers inside the Barrington Police Department on Friday night and for most of the day on Saturday, said an official with the department.
The virus was apparently attached to an e-mail that was opened with one of the department computers on Friday.
According to the police official, the bug then launched approximately 3,000 attacks on the system. The department computers were able to fight off the attacks, which were directed at software.
An employee with the department who is well-versed with computers spent most of the day on Saturday — about 8 hours — working to repair the situation. As of Monday, some of the department computers were functioning, while others were completely off-line.
Details about the e-mail — its subject message, sender or address — were not available.


  1. Questions:
    – The mail server used by the department doesn’t have antivirus ?
    – The department computers don’t have antivirus ?
    – The email was police related or personal ?
    – Staff have not been trained to not open attachments ?
    – The department does not have, or have access to IT staff ?
    – Why were details not available ?

    The only way to know how many attacks were attempted, and what they were directed at, and that they were able to be blocked, is with active virus protection software, which, if present, should have negated the need for an “employee with the department who is well-versed with computers” to spend an entire day to attempt to partially clean up the situation.