Cocaine found on Prudence Island ferry dock

Cocaine found on Prudence Island ferry dock


The Bristol Harbor Patrol office recovered about $40 of cocaine Saturday, when an unknown person turned in a business card holder believed to be a lost-and-found item.

Charles Lombardo called police around 2:45 p.m. July 27 to report what he believed to be cocaine inside of a silver card holder. Mr. Lombardo told police that the card holder was turned into the harbor patrol office by an unknown person, who told him they had found it in the parking lot of the Prudence Island ferry dock.

A field test conducted on the white powdery substance came back positive for cocaine. The volume was roughly .09 grams.

The finding is “unusual,” said Deputy Police Chief Steven Contente.

“We get calls for syringes, but not narcotics,” Mr. Contente said. “Calls for drugs are not that common.”

Locating the owner would be difficult, Mr. Contente said, given how many hands the card holder passed through.