Clinic changes named to Truesdale Health

Clinic changes named to Truesdale Health


Truesdale Clinic in Fall River has changed its name to Truesdale Health although ownership will remain the same.

“We changed our name for three key reasons,” said Marvin D. Berman, M.D., president of the group.

“The new name better defines our medical mission; it refreshes the Truesdale brand in part to celebrate our upcoming 100th year anniversary in 2014; and we felt that Truesdale Health resonated better with today’s healthcare consumers.”

The name change includes a new logo. Dr. Berman said, “The new identity has a modern streamlined look while paying homage to our long and significant service to the community.”

The original Truesdale Clinic was begun by Dr. Philemon E. Truesdale, an innovative physician who saw benefit in bringing a multi-disciplinary group of physicians together to practice in one location.

In 1960, the multi-practice organization moved to the current location at 1030 President Avenue with offices for 35 physicians who represented most sub-specialties of medicine. Building wings added in 1970 and 1975 enabled the addition of ancillary services: radiology, laboratory services, a pharmacy, and a dentist office. In 1982, the former Cerebral Palsy Center was added to the building and later converted to rehabilitation and advanced radiology imaging offices. In 2009, a 46,000 sq. ft. addition was added, bringing the total building area to over 139,000 sq. ft.