City housecleaner is arrested for thefts in East Providence

City housecleaner is arrested for thefts in East Providence


EAST PROVIDENCE — Maria Gagnon, a city resident and cleaning woman who had previously been arrested for house thefts in Barrington, was arrested and charged Wednesday, Jan. 23, for similar incidents in East Providence.

According to EPPD Detective Captain Richard Frazier, Ms. Gagnon, 56 of 10 Heath Court in city, was charged with two counts of larceny over $1,500 for her involvement in alleged thefts that took place at residences on Robin Hood Drive and Beverly Road.

She was taken into custody and confessed to the crimes. Ms. Gagnon was later released on personal recognizance and is scheduled to appear in Sixth District Court on Jan. 31 for arraignment.

Ms. Gagnon’s nefarious ways stretch back much longer than previously known. Her alleged theft on Beverly Court, where residents reported a bracelet valued at approximately $3,000 went missing, took place in August of 2008.

The Robin Hood Drive incident was reported on Jan. 4 of this year. Capt. Frazier said EPPD detectives are still investigating what would be a third reported theft possibly involving Ms. Gagnon. Detectives are awaiting the return of the property owners from vacation, he said.

Earlier in January, Barrington Police charged Ms. Gagnon with a felony count of larceny over $1,500 on Friday after she allegedly stole jewelry from a Barrington resident while working as a cleaning woman.

A Barrington Police press release states an arrest warrant for Ms. Gagnon was issued on Thursday, Jan. 3 after a Barrington victim reported that someone had stolen numerous piece of jewelry from her home.

The victim reportedly hired Ms. Gagnon about two months ago to clean her home . She reportedly noticed several rings missing after a recent cleaning.

Police reportedly located some of the missing jewelry at a pawn shop in Pawtucket. The pawn shop’s records show Ms. Gagnon sold the missing jewelry on Dec. 26.  The victim later identified the jewelry as belonging to her.

Police confiscated several pieces of jewelry that were located in Ms. Gagnon’s home. Some of the jewelry was identified as the victim’s, however, several other pieces are being held by police in the event additional victims come forward.

Records show the defendant has sold numerous pieces of jewelry to local pawn shops dating back to Oct. 2012. Ms. Gagnon reportedly would not disclose any other house she cleaned in the past.  She was arraigned in Sixth District Court on one count of felony larceny and was released on $10,000 personal recognizance.