Citizens Betterment group doles out Westport awards

Citizens Betterment group doles out Westport awards


The Westport Citizens Betterment Committee selected an effort to deal with feral cats, a school garden and tennis court repairs as its 2012 award winners

The committee awarded Donna Lambert a $1,000 grant to help the Westport animal control officer to trap, neuter and release feral cats and/or put up the trapped kittens for adoption if they are able to socialize.  The benefit and objective is to reduce the number of feral cats through sterilization throughout the town.

The committee also awarded a $500 grant to the Westport River Watershed Alliance. Money from this grant will be used to maintain and expand the Macomber School gardens.  The schoolchildren will learn how their food is grown, where it comes from and how it is prepared for eating as well as how to protect their vegetables from insects, as well as how to do composting, and recycling through the garden project.

The Diane B. Snyder Tennis Complex was awarded a $500 grant to repair the fencing at the tennis complex which was damaged by a storm.  This complex is privately funded.

The committee thanked the other applicants for the time and effort put forth in applying for the grants.

“Further, we wish to remind everyone that donating to the Ronald Desrosiers Memorial Fund in memory of a loved one or as a charitable contribution is a way of putting resources back into our community.”

Contributions can be made by contacting the Selectmen’s Office at 508-636-1004 or by contacting  Secretary/Treasurer Charlene Wood at 508-636-2075.