Chillingo releases two new addictive iOS games

Chillingo releases two new addictive iOS games


Today Chillingo released two new games for iPhone and iPad, Blobster and Quiz Climber. Both sport vivid graphics and addictive gameplay. These games are a steel at only $1.99 each read a brief description and watch a video of each. Check back for our reviews on these games coming soon.



Blobster is a 2D-style game inspired by the BP oil spill. You must fling a cute blob across a world bursting with color and hazards. You use both flick and tilt controls on your quest to save the environment from a malevolent polluting conglomerate. Special power ups will grow, shrink or propel your blob across the stratosphere! With a great selection of features, as well as intuitive controls and some beautiful levels to explore, there’s an enormous amount of fun to be had with our little amoebic hero.

Blobster can be purchased from the app store for $1.99.


Quiz Climber

Quiz Climber is another 2D-style vertical game developed by the same studio that released the Buzz! series. Challenge your friends in this social quiz extravaganza! Find out once and for all how you rank amongst your buddies, as you compete to correctly answer the most questions in a row. Don’t be fooled by the cute Quizzels and charming artwork, as you climb the questions get tougher- do you have what it takes to leapfrog your chums for the prize position at the top of the tree?

With local and global leaderboards, as well as Chillingo’s Crystal Gaming platform, Quiz Climber combines great visuals with thousands of regularly updated questions for the ultimate quiz gaming experience.

Quiz Climber can be purchased from the app store for $1.99.