Child’s first valentine warms parents’ hearts

Child’s first valentine warms parents’ hearts


valentine card combinedPORTSMOUTH — Do you remember the first time you made a valentine for someone? Grace Zamil sure does.

The 5-year-old local girl recently made this card (click to enlarge) for her parents, Jim and Cheryl Zamil, and mailed it from Portsmouth Nursery School, where she’s a student. All the students at the school sent out cards.

Her proud daddy, who posted photos of the card on his Facebook page after it arrived in Tuesday’s mail, said the valentine “warmed his heart.”

The card’s design also reminded him of something.

“I would always tease her and say, ‘I love you this much,’ with my thumb and pointer finger almost touching, and she would give me her sad puppy dog eyes and I would slowly open them up until my arms are spread out wide,” he said. “We have been playing like that for a few years.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day!