Barrington Democratic Club larceny — an inside job?

Barrington Democratic Club larceny — an inside job?


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An employee for the Barrington Democratic Club on Roffee Street told police that someone stole more than $500 from a wooden cigar box used to store cash from the bar.

On Tuesday, July 9, police received a phone call from a club employee who reported the alleged larceny. The man said he had been working at the private club the night before, and at about 9:15 p.m. started locking up.

The man said he placed $586 from the bar — the club has a function room upstairs and a bar downstairs — inside a wooden cigar box and out of sight.

At about 11:10 the next morning, another employee opened up the club and noticed that the cigar box and its contents were missing.

Police officials said there was no sign of forced entry at the club, no evidence that anyone had broken into the establishment. Officials added that approximately 15 club employees have keys to the club.

Barrington police are still investigating.