Car chase in East Providence leads to driver’s eventual arrest on possession...

Car chase in East Providence leads to driver’s eventual arrest on possession charges


EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence Police Department reported the arrest of Jamique Whitely, 22, of Cathedral Square Providence, after he led an officer on a brief but wild car chase Friday evening, May 3.

Mr. Whitely was charged with Reckless Driving/Eluding a Police Officer; Possession of Schedule I thru V Controlled Substance and Driving While in Possession of Controlled Substance, according to EPPD Lieutenant Raymond Blinn. The substance, said Lt. Blinn, was Synthetic Marijuana.

Events transpired at approximately 5:45 p.m. Friday when the EPPD received a report of a reckless driver operating a white Dodge on Centre Street. The driver moved onto Pawtucket Avenue southbound and continued to operate recklessly, crossing into oncoming traffic and failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle.

EPPD Community Policing Officer Dennis Medeiros observed the vehicle operating recklessly as it approached the intersection of Pawtucket Avenue and Waterman Avenue.

According to the report, Officer Medeiros, who was traveling in the opposite direction, immediately turned around and attempted to stop the vehicle because of its reckless operation. He activated his emergency lights and siren, but the vehicle continued on and refused to stop.

Officer Medeiros noted he could see the operator lean across the interior of the vehicle appearing to be reaching for something or hiding something. As the operator approached the on-ramp of Interstate 195, the operator continued to reach across the front seat and sideswiped another vehicle, which had pulled to the right side of the road for the responding police units.

The suspect vehicle came to a stop and the suspect was taken into custody. There were no injuries. During an inventory of the vehicle, a Schedule I controlled substance was located and seized.


  1. This guy would have been in less trouble if he had real marijuana! The synthetic stuff is now more illegal. Probably wouldn’t have been driving like a a-hole either, apparently only the fake stuff makes people bug out.