Can you help find these Barrington Eagles?

Can you help find these Barrington Eagles?


BHS sign

The Barrington High School Class of 1963 will hold its 50th reunion on the weekend of Sept. 6 to 8, and organizers are hoping to track down a few classmates.

They are: Tina Accino, Bob Allison, Ron Aubin, Stephen Baker, Michael Barrett, Arthur Bessette, David Bishop, Pat Campbell, Bill Carleton, Connie Castro, Ray Chellel, Eleanor Yeddy Chisholm, Chip Collamore, Robert Converse, Pat Cutter, James Egloff, Millicent England, Norm Gidley, Bill Gray, John Hall, Steve Hanson, Peter Hill, Delia Jimenez, Debbie Johnson, Liz Johnson, Helen Kelly, Ron Keulemans, Klas Langels, Joan Lavin, Karen Lazzaro, Louie Longo, Charlie Lorenz, Bev Lund, John Marchand, Luisa Marcoccia, Roz Martone, David Mason, Joan Masse, Dotty McFetters, Barbara Morris, Bob Nagle, Lee Opdyke, Ronald Palmieri, Paula Pezzullo, Frank Potts, Paul Quigley, Bill Scott, Warren Sherburne, John Staniunas, Alex Stewart, Linda Tarte, Meredith Taylor, Bill Thornley, Steve Tilander, Bill Unruh, Ann Valenti, Karly Vaudry, Bill Wagner, Anne Weaver, George Wharton, Richard Windle, Carolyn Yeaton, Richard Zuppardi.

Anyone who can help track down the above mentioned individuals is asked to do so. People can also e-mail Carol Renaud Gaffney at [email protected] There is a full schedule of events for the reunion weekend.

The reunion dinner will be held on Saturday, Sept. 7 at Rhode Island Country Club. The cost is $50 per person. Checks can be made payable to Mike Raffa and mailed to him at 2 Jacobs Point Road, Warren, RI 02885.