Camp Magic gets cast on iOS devices

Camp Magic gets cast on iOS devices


Camp Magic

iOS gamers can enter a world of magic, wizardry, spells and potions, right on their iOS device with Camp Magic. Camp Magic is a new free to play game from Moga Studios and is now available for download in the App Store. The game, which can be played on iPhone and iPad, allows players to be an up and coming Headmaster running their very own “Camp Magic” to educate young witches and wizards and prepare them for the future.

Camp Magic lets players build academic facilities, enroll students, collect-and-process resources, produce magical items, decorate the grounds with ornaments and cooperate with other Headmasters to vanquish evil in the name of justice. In addition, the immersive world of Camp Magic, will engage players in a wide variety of fun activities to create wonderful and magical surprises for their academy.

Camp Magic players will take advantage of level advancements to unlock advanced building facilities, special upgrades and magical ornaments to set their Camp Magic apart from others. Players can also interact with their friends, visit their academies and cooperate with them in producing magical items. To help their in-game adventures, players can purchase Magic Crystals that will speed up the production of magical items and also help in the construction of new buildings at the camp.

“Whether making new potions or creating the most amazing camp for wizards and witches, Camp Magic is unlike any other mobile game and will appeal to a wide variety of gamers, including fans of social and casual games,” said Lei Zhang, Spokesperson for Moga Studios. “We know that gamers around the world will become enthralled with magical gameplay of Camp Magic.”

Players that download the game and accept the Camp Magic challenge to be Headmaster will be awarded magic crystals that will help make level advancements occur more rapidly. They will also be able to connect to Facebook and Twitter and share the pictures of their academy, while updating their friends on the progress of their “camp.” To further the social aspects of the game, players can invite their friends to join and also chat with other Headmasters in this interactive community of magic.

Camp Magic is available for download on the App Store.