Calouro passed over for Bristol harbormaster appointments

Calouro passed over for Bristol harbormaster appointments


CalouroBristol Town Council reappointed several residents to position of assistant harbormaster Wednesday night, and Matt Calouro wasn’t one of them.

Councilors voted to approve the reappointments of those residents listed in a recommendation letter by Harbormaster Gregg Marsili: Thomas Guthlein, Alan Leach, Charles Lombardo, Scott Marino, John Motta and Adam Salinaro.

Mr. Calouro was the only applicant whose request was not approved.

“I wasn’t able to evaluate him because he wasn’t around last year,” Mr. Marsili later said.

Mr. Calouro had been out on medical leave since June 12 last year. He was employed by the town as interim harbormaster, a position he held since 1999, until Mr. Marsili was hired by the town as the harbormaster at the end of last May.

He was later appointed to an assistant harbormaster position, but never logged any hours, Mr. Marsili said.

“He was the only one who didn’t come in at all,” he said.

Councilors also passed over Mr. Calouro’s request to be appointed as Bristol’s harbormaster, reappointing Mr. Marsili.

Mr. Calouro was also the assistant harbormaster in Warren, but did not seek reappointment for that position. A medical condition kept him from working that post last year, also.

Warren Town Manager Thomas Gordon said he received information that Mr. Calouro “was unable” to seek reappointment. Mr. Gordon would not clarify, citing confidentiality in dealing with personnel matters.

Mr. Calouro was unable to be reached for comment.



  1. Calouro had the guts or No brains to apply for the Harbormaster position,knowing that they are investigating his WIPING of the computers of financial records and do not forget the PORN found on the computer. His strategy is flawed, he plans on suing the Town, Good Luck Mat.