Buzzards Bay Coalition to salute nitrogen warriors at annual meeting

Buzzards Bay Coalition to salute nitrogen warriors at annual meeting


The Buzzards Bay Coalition invites its members and the public to learn about the organization’s past year of accomplishments to improve and protect the health of Buzzards Bay during its 25th annual meeting on the evening of Thursday, June 27, at the Beachmoor Inn in Bourne.

The meeting, which will run from 6-8 p.m., is free and open to the public. At 6 p.m., meeting attendees will enjoy a reception on the lawn overlooking the water. The formal part of the meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m., will include a brief discussion of the organization’s 2012 accomplishments, election of board members, and a presentation of the 2013 Buzzards Bay Guardian awards and Volunteer of the Year award.

The Buzzards Bay Guardian Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Buzzards Bay Coalition. Buzzards Bay Guardians must have demonstrated outstanding service in the cleanup, restoration or protection of Buzzards Bay. Their work may be as a citizen volunteer, an organization, or a public official or employee. Most importantly, a Buzzards Bay Guardian is an unsung hero or heroine who deserves public recognition.

In 2013, the Coalition will be presenting two Guardian awards that recognize government leadership in addressing the most serious problem facing Buzzards Bay: nitrogen pollution from septic systems. Septic systems deliver more nitrogen to the Bay than any other source.

For his leadership in jumpstarting the development of a region-wide Cape Cod Water Quality Management Plan, for supporting the acceleration of the estuary restoration reports and regulatory cleanup targets for Buzzards Bay’s harbor and coves, and for his support in crafting a precedent-setting permit that caps nitrogen pollution into West Falmouth Harbor, the Coalition is honoring Ken Kimmel, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. That permit has put West Falmouth Harbor, one of the most heavily polluted waterways in Buzzards Bay, on the road to recovery.

This winter, Wareham became the first town in the Buzzards Bay watershed to enact regulations that limit nitrogen pollution from new septic systems across the majority of the town. That landmark achievement was the result of persistence from the Wareham Board of Health, which passed the regulations earlier this year. “The Coalition is proud to recognize the citizen volunteers who serve on the Wareham Board of Health for their dedication to protecting Wareham’s waters.”

For more information and directions to the annual meeting, contact the Buzzards Bay Coalition at (508) 999-6363 or visit