Warren’s Square Peg gets full liquor license

Square Peg owners Joel and Amy Cary.Square Peg owners Joel and Amy Cary.

Square Peg owners Joel and Amy Cary.

The owners of a young but popular downtown restaurant will soon start serving liquor, not just the beer and wine they’ve sold since opening last years.
The Warren Town COuncil on Tuesday approved Square Peg owners Joel and Amy Cary’s request for a full BV license.
The restaurant “is quite successful and it’s attracting more of a dinner crowd,” Carey attorney Robert Healey told the council last month. “I think they’ve shown that they’re responsible purveyors of alcohol.”
Granting the Carys’ required a change to town ordinances, which previously allowed 21 full licenses in town. Last week, the council upped that number to 22 to accommodate the Careys.
As for granting them a full license, Warren Police Chief Peter Achilli said he had no objections.
“In this particular situation it’s not an increased burden on the police department,” he said.


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