Barrington Family Dental celebrates 10 years

Barrington Family Dental celebrates 10 years

Dr. Michael Sefranek and staff are celebrating 10 years at Barrington Family Dentistry.


Dr. Michael Sefranek and staff are celebrating 10 years at Barrington Family Dentistry.
Barrington Family Dental recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary in the Prince’s Hill Plaza as Dr. H. Michael Sefranek DMD, MAGD continues to provide oral care for patients of all ages.

Since moving his practice to County Road from Manchester, Conn., Dr. Sefranek has come to know his clients. The New England International Association for Orthodontics President performs all patient care himself. It’s a method that allows Dr. Sefranek to get to know his patients personally and put younger patients at ease.

The local office features a play area for children in addition to a television installed in the ceiling above one patient chair. Kids can take in a cartoon during a cleaning, Dr. Sefranek said, while adults can bring along a movie if they’re planning to sit for a laser whitening procedure that can take more than hour.

Dr. Sefranek is trained in most aspects of dentistry including children’s dentistry, orthodontics, toothaches, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease and joint pain. He was also previously a research faculty member at the NYU Dental School and has been a clinic faculty member at the University of Connecticut Dental School Advanced Education in General Dentistry program, among work with numerous other professional and academic organizations.

Dr. Sefranek said he initially chose to setup shop in Barrington because there was a need for someone who could service every member of a family, be they a child, grandparent or anyone in-between. Barrington Family Dentistry begins seeing patients as young as 6 months old.

“Really the goal is to prevent cavities and help them to develop properly with a beautiful face and an attractive smile,” he said.

A decade in one place has allowed Dr. Sefranek to see his patients’ families grow. Parents who initially came in on their own may have children, some of whom have baby teeth and others who are readying for braces.

“It’s the best,” said Dr. Sefranek of getting to know his patients.

Outside of Barrington, the last 10 years have also seen Dr. Sefranek establish a practice in Fall River.

Dr. Sefranek said he works to stay ahead of the curve on advances in dentistry. He started offering white fillings, for example, more than 15 years ago.

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  1. It’s really good to hear that they are celebrating their 10th year anniversary. Actually with that we can already assume that they are really expert in dental care ad operations because they maintained the name and their clinic’s credibility. My dentist in Sevierville is also counting its years in the industry that’s why I trust them because they have been serving us for years now.