Bus rides offered to Thursday toll hearing

East Bay residents looks on during a senate session at the State House on bridge tolls.

East Bay residents looks on during a senate session at the State House on bridge tolls.

The group Tiverton STOP is once again organizing a bus ride to Providence to help people here attend a House Finance Committee hearing on a bill aimed to halt the Sakonnet River Bridge toll plan.

The hearing is in the State House, Room 35, Providence, at 1 p.m.

“It is critical that as many citizens as possible attend this hearing to support the bills that our representatives have sponsored against this toll,” the group said.

A bus will leave Stop & Shop in Middletown at 11 a.m., Clements; Market in Portsmouth at 11:15 a.m., and the park and ride lot on Fish Road, Tiverton, at 11:30 a.m.

For information or if you need a ride, call 683-1764.


One Comment;

  1. Adrienne Garriepy said:

    How about this, why use RIPTA bus service which will probably be funded by these tolls? Most of these folks have cars, and good ones at that, let ’em get to the state house with their cars like the rest of us have to. I live a mile away from the State house near the colleges and would have to take my car, but because these folks have a distance from the state house where they live, and do indeed choose to live far from the state house and it’s element of people that live nearby, they get free bus service from a Park and ride no less? Come on, we’re all citizens of the state, this is just one more way the state is losing money on bus fares. And one more thing, are these folks from Tiverton at the Sakonnet section really broke or otherwise that busted that they CANNOT afford the tolls?? Let ’em move away from the bridge to the cities where homes are plentiful to buy and come live with us “POOR FOLK”, or would that be below their stature??!!