Bulgarmarsh Rec area to get new gazebo

A gazebo like this may soon be installed at Bulgarmarsh Recreation area, if Bob Martin gets his way, and the funds.

TIVERTON — A gazebo will be installed sometime soon at the Bulgarmarsh Recreation Area if town maintenance director Bob Martin, who has been advocating for the idea, can raise the necessary money.
Mr. Martin won a unanimous vote of the Town Council on June 25 for expenditure of $10,000, and he has raised an additional $2,000 since then in contributions for the proposed project.
He needs an additional $18,000 or so, and is looking for public support.
After the council’s vote, Mr. Martin went shopping for a gazebo and found exactly what he was looking for.
It’s a Litchfield Landscape Elements Model 8126DP, Duo-Top, with handrails, and it’s a beauty, he says. The one he’s looking at measures 20’ x 20’. That’s the model he is proposing be installed at the Bulgarmarsh location.
Mr. Martin said he estimates the total cost will be in the range of $30,000. He said he expects he will raise the extra money needed by doing what he’s done successfully with other Bulgarmarsh installations, such as the Pirate Ship.
He asks around.
Mr. Martin said that if everything goes as he hopes, and his previous success is replicated, the new gazebo could be installed in a matter of months. He is not bashful about promoting the project, and encourages anyone interested in supporting the idea to call him at 401/640-8691.