Bristol’s tax revaluation process to begin next week

Bristol’s tax revaluation process to begin next week


The real estate appraisers are returning to Bristol, a ritual that occurs every three years in order to ensure that property values on record are in line with their actual worth.

“We want to make sure the information in the previous assessment is correct,” said tax assessor, Evelyn Spagnolo.

After going out to bid, the town of Bristol awarded the job to Clipboard, a Tiverton-based company that has worked with the town in the past. They will receive $141,500 for their services.

To accomplish the statistical revaluation, the company will do physical inspections only on those properties that made improvements or were sold over the past three years.

“I think this is going to be an unusual revaluation,” Ms. Spagnolo said. “There have been some areas that went up and some that went significantly down,” she said.

The downward swing, she said, is attributed to foreclosures.

“We do see some major swings,” Ms. Spagnolo said.

The results of this revaluation will provide the bases for property taxes assessed as of June 15, 2014.