Bristol’s Hope Street to lose three RIPTA stops

Bristol’s Hope Street to lose three RIPTA stops


RIPTA 60 bus
Three RIPTA stops along Hope Street will be eliminated by November.
By November, three bus stops along Hope Street will be eliminated.

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority approved the removal of one outbound stop, Hope at Bradford; and two inbound stops, Hope at Bradford, and Hope at Church. Following the announcement of RIPTA’s Bus Stop Realignment Project this spring, the Town of Bristol requested the ability to choose which downtown stops to eliminate. RIPTA and town council members reached an agreement as to which stops would be removed on Aug. 29.

In a recent in-depth review of their bus stops, RIPTA estimates that nearly 10 percent of the 5,000 bus stops in its statewide system do not adhere to RIPTA’s own Service Guidelines; many stops are too close together.  The guidelines reflect the industry standard of approximately 900 feet (about a two to three minute walk) average distance between stops. The distance slightly increases or decreases dependent upon the route type and community density.  RIPTA will be removing bus stops to meet policy standards. These changes are designed to minimize impact on the riders while increasing efficiencies.

The Town of Bristol is responsible for the physical removal of the bus stop signs and covering of the “bus only” parking spaces.

With the three stops eliminated, that leaves five RIPTA bus stops along Hope Street.